Friday, 30 April 2010


In the last few days I have attempted to write from many different angles about what is going to happen today and I have attempted to describe the reasons, emotions and rationale behind the 30 day idea of a blogger COUNTDOWN. So, having expended enormous time and energy from a writer's point of view, I rejected the sentiments as inappropriate for the time being, rejected the postings as too personal, too emotional, too sensitive, too revealing. Then, more recently, I wrote something I felt happy with.
I was even sufficiently confident to post it to the "whole world waiting" at a few minutes after midnight. Perhaps, like even the most truly brilliant writers using the mysterious technology of computers, I just inadvertently wiped it! Oh woe!

So anyone too curious will have to wait for later in my day time hours for the result!

How annoying! For you? or for me?
COUNTDOWN: days expired. The event is today!

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