Thursday, 1 April 2010

April and Avril

The First of April, some do say Is set apart for All Fools Day, but why the people call it so, not I, nor they themselves do know. In France paper fish are placed unsuspectingly on the person indicating that they have been fooled and are therefore the fools. And so... April begins with a day of fun and jokes but thankfully not everyone participates in this custom! Perhaps the month gets its name from the Latin 'aperire' / 'to open' as buds begin to open and plants start to grow again after the long cold winter.
On this day I remember a friend whose birthday it would have been, and she was called Avril.
She was a very dear friend and her sad loss affected me very deeply, as it did my family and friends. I often reflect upon the desperation that must have caused this waste of life! Our daughters were friends at Brownies and at school until their interests and friendship altered. Her family was of course devastated but I hope that her son and daughter are well and happy wherever they are. Somewhere on an island off Germany, she lies entombed, and one day I must go to see where she arrived. May she rest in Peace. x

COUNTDOWN: 29 days

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