Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Taming the garden and chaos of Life

Aujourd'hui .... there has been plenty to do including
shopping for hosepipes and food,
seeing friends and their children,
afternoon nap in hammock,
digging and weeding the potager plus the raspberry plants (one out of 5 has survived),
planting lettuce plants that were desperate to see soil (they are now under the polytunnel),
moving the sheep from one field to another as 'un petit service',
moving cardboxes and debris of hedge cuttings and fallen trees to the bonfire,
lighting the first very large bonfire since Autumn,
dining in the evening on a salad of vegetables and chicken with raisins, mayonnaise and lemon in the warmth of the setting sun with the reward of some red wine.
As our posteriors were warmed by the embers of the fire, two bats ( the first we have witnessed this year) zoomed by.
We heard one or more cuckoos calling more strongly, a wood pecker, frogs by the lake, blackbirds in the woodland, other unidentified birds, chickens and cockerels, and very annoyingly the dogs at the dog kennels. We endured it last year having complained the previous year and now it is time to complain again. Not even the dogs in the village bark incessantly.
Then of course there is the growing list of things to do and that MUST be done and must be prioritised urgency is the essence. What is the meaning of life? Today it has been to tame the garden! PS It is 21h30 and 20 degrees Celsius outside.

COUNTDOWN: 24 days

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