Sunday, 11 July 2010

Happy Birthday to Sweetpea in France

I had an interesting Magical Mystery Tour all by myself ... sleeping, resting and gathering thoughts. It is the very first time I have ever spent my birthday 'toute seule'.
What else is there to do when one is a pensioner and dealing with just a few unexpected challenges that life throws at the 'normal' human being? Ah ... 'normality'. The word arrives again. I get in touch with that word when I go out into the great world and see it all around me and when I am with all manner of people ... my children and my grand child most especially. She is not afraid and neither am I. I can do it! So she says and I agree to.

No photos yet ... no time.. no inclination to paint a picture.

Happy Birthday to me and me and me! You bet it will be different next year ... no party with 60 candles ... no cake with solitary candles .. no cake .. but maybe I'll just go and splash out somewhere fantastic!