Sunday, 11 April 2010

An evening of French style Cabaret

Last night the village presented a cabarét soirée. Unfortunately only about 50 villagers attended the excellent concert of acoustic comedy and chanson Française from Kass Muzet with piano accordion, double bass and percussion. The three musicians were accomplished performers and adept at relaxing the audience. We knew some of the tunes and I was surprised that I could translate some words though not understand the French verbal humour, although some humour needs no words at all. In fact sometimes we were laughing when the French weren't. Oh calamity... the camera needs the battery recharged so this photo was taken by Claude.

The singers had marvellous voices for singing and speaking but sometimes dialogue between them was lost because they did not project their voices. Perhaps in street theatre their voices carry better. 
The one in blue reminds me of when I stood on stage with a short skirt and a large accordion!   

At the end of the evening when eau de vie with pamplemousse could be purchased at the bar we exited to Winter and a clear sky with the star constellations clearly visible. Only in France.

COUNTDOWN: 19 days

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Susan said...

Kass Muzet are hilarious and very talented. We saw them last year at Barrou.