Friday, 30 April 2010

I felt the Fear and did it anyway!

I have had to climb the mountain a little bit and face a few monsters to try and overcome my fears.
The reason is because I have been searching for a house to buy for 5 years on and off and last year withdrew from two properties, one in UK and one in France, for good reason. I didn't dare withdraw on this one just because I was scared and it wasn't perfect!
Last year I made myself sick with worry and caused frustration to my family because they didn't understand me. Neither did I understand myself! I have tried writing about it but it seems so self-indulgent to share it here.

However, today I have signed an Acte de Vente for a French house. No, not a horse, not a swimming pool, BUT a house. I have bought a house. In fact I have bought one house with a courtyard and a garden on one plot of land and a garage / stable building with planning permission to convert and extend into a dwelling on another very small plot of land. It's more than I need and more than I can afford to renovate ... so how foolish is that???

What have I done? I have committed myself to a house that might make a home. You see, before today I didn't own any property... it had been sold in England 5 years ago! The last 5 years have been an anxious time, watching property prices rise , then fall, then start to rise again in some places, watching the credit crunch effects on money in the bank and oh being so worried in addition to not knowing what I want, what I was looking for and where I want it! There were so many options... too many choices.

This morning I looked around in despair at the buildings and the gardens, thinking about what I have committed myself and others to and worrying about all the work and responsibility ahead. However, when we start to tidy the mess that is there, then the project will become more clear!

Meanwhile Village de Vaux continues to be a haven of peace and tranquillity. No that is not quite true! There is the garden to maintain, seeds to plant and tend, boxes of belongings and photographs to sort that have been patiently waiting for 5 years or more, things to write, piano music to practise, amidst the daily chores of housekeeping and domestic management and so LIFE goes on!

I have a home already, with my partner ... but I wanted the 'security' of having my own bricks and mortar! Silly me!!!

You may be disappointed that SweetpeainFrance has only bought a house - nothing more exciting! If so, I apologise that your expectations were raised!

Here she is with the 4 vendors and the estate agent after the sale and purchase of the property. Here also is the atelier, which needs to be pulled down but in it's place could be a lovely verandah.
Here also is one view of the house in
Angles-sur-L'Anglin, un des plus beaux villages de France.
There is a website and further blog coming soon ... which will document the town and the house and our lives as "we walk along a Balade Anglois and enjoy a new and different life."


Oiseaux said...

Bravo Sweetpea

Carolyn said...

I am surprised and really thrilled for you. Congratulations! What a special town you have chosen. I'm looking forward to more photos and the blog of your progress.

Jean said...

Wow, I can't wait to hear all about it. Angles is such a lovely place. Good luck and congratulations. There's nothing trivial about it, this is definitely a big thing.

Janys said...

Looks absolutely delightful and will most certainly will provide you with a fascinating life project for some time to come. Wishing you well and looking forward to any more insights into the various phases that you might care to reveal. Only give away as much as you are comfortable with... don't forget that this is only a virtual world out here!

SweetpeainFrance said...

I don't see the world of people who use computers as a virtual reality because people who read on the internet are REAL and not VIRTUAL. Cautionary tales are more sensible! It could be too easy to reveal all!

It has been a surprise to me also that I have bought this house, which had better not be a life project! I want to do other things before it is too late... and there I go again... I want to live in so many different places!

It certainly isn't trivial because it certainly is a BIG thing. Hence the emotional roller-coaster!

However, it is a special town and a special place and I invite you all to pop in, if I am in attendance!

Thank you for your kind comments.

IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

Oy Mum.


Don't fret, we'll soon have it looking right smart.

Love, S

*Ulrike* said...

You will have a lot of joy in fixing, mending, planting, oh! and in such a beautiful place too!