Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My daughter and her daughter, Felicity and Francesca

I'm also proud of my daughter who is teaching her daughter confidence because I believe that to learn confidence and courage is so vitally important for a child's development into an adult. Evidently, Little One can say "I did it" and "I can do it". Recently, I went to UK and was very sad because Little One was too ill to go to the zoo as planned for her 2nd birthday, (hence the Noah's Ark card) nor could we get out and about very much. We walked onto the beach to see the sea but as the wind was too bracing for us we retreated within the minute! It was fun for Granmama and Little One to make cakes. My daughter is also helping her daughter to enjoy music and books. Cousin Grace who is about 5 months older and Francesca read very nicely together. Friends!
Little One enjoys Mr Men stories ... a favourite being Mr Bump ...and I can buy these and the Little Miss series in French, in France! Also she loves The Gruffalo.. you know!
It's amazing how many French language and dual language toys and books my daughter has acquired from charity shops. Some of the toys "speak" French being an excellent way for Little One to learn a second language. My French piano teacher gave Little One a wonderful computerised toy... when it is switched on Cinderella presents French music to listen to e.g. Frere Jacques, Sur le Pont d'Avignon, as well as classical melodies such as Brahms Lullaby , plus numbers and sums in French of course and various other games to play. A remarkable educational toy that should last for several years and teach Francesca French so that when she comes to visit me I hope she will eventually be bi-lingual.

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