Friday, 23 April 2010

St George - a Saint for England and for many other countries

William Shakespeare was born on this day, April 23. In his play, Henry V, the king rallies his troops with a battle cry, "Upon this charge, cry God for England, Harry and Saint George!" William was not canonised but George was and I love the fact that he is the Patron Saint of many countries. In the Middle East Christians ask for his help to get rid of demons, in some countries he is the guardian of animals and in some parts of Spain this day is celebrated with feasts and presents. Why not? St George is also associated with fertility and his Saints day is said to mark the beginning of summer, though today is quite overcast but warming as the day goes on.

But here is a different kind of dragon - it is my first attempt at making a lizard at my pottery lessons. I took this photograph before the 2nd glazing process, but I think I might reglaze the lizard a better green as the glaze is much darker than I intended and although I wanted it to be camouflaged I now think I would prefer it to be highlighted. It will hang on the wall of the verandah.


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