Thursday, 15 May 2014

The final posting of all time

15 MAY 2014

Captain Sensible and his Sweetpea, Little Feet and Big Feet had many magical moments in this hameau.  We achieved the rural romantic dream or nightmare (depends which day it was, what the weather was like, what problems beset us and who we saw, if anyone) of living in an idyllic house, in an idyllic countryside, in an idyllic country.  We were indeed happy for much of the time.

In the last weeks of residence, (I'd moved in May 2010,  but returned for shelter as my house was uninhabitable, then left again 13 months later) we spent the time being sort of happy together.  After that he came to live at my house for two weeks. It was a transition.

There was much to clear in his attic which had once contained 'my boxes'.  It was kind of comforting to see his stuff that it appeared he had never looked at since we moved in.  Funny that a few years ago he'd threatened to burn all my boxes stored there because I hadn't been able to get at them and sort the contents although I had tried one week but it just got repackaged as a lot was duplicates of what we had or we had no homely storage cupboards and anyway I didn't need the old life!

Then the workshop of tools and building stuff which he said he'd sorted and maybe had, but it didn't look that way.  Most was moved to my stable/garage building.

Then the garden. I took old pamments to make a garden pathway.and the rest of my garden pots.  I re-inherited garden tools I'd left for him and other useful items, such as black bins,  kindling wood, oak logs which I paid for then realised I'd already paid for them several years ago! There waa about 3 stere not to mention what we left there.

From the house most of the furniture came back to me. A friend will take the washing machine as I  bought a new one four years ago. The fridge and freezer have passed to me which is good as my inherited fridge acted as a freezer. I re-acquired the stuff of kitchens and a shared home. We moved clothing  bits and bobs, light-bulbs, batteries, lamps into my attic to sort as I hope to have a yard sale.  Some stuff went to Emmaus.

Then there was the big sweep of unwanted debris in all areas.
Whoosh ... several trailer loads were delivered to the dechetterie.

I am looking after his Personal effects whilst he goes travelling for how long is unknown.
His flight is is booked. His backpack weighs 10kg!  Now of no fixed abode!

One life dies and another life or lives live. 
It took about six weeks not working every day to clear out,  clean up and disband the dream that went wonky.  It formed a kind of closure on a life that once was mine!  I feel free!  He probably feels free despite his anxiety. I hope he heals and grows on his travels.  He was a great friend!
Thank you for Captain Sensible and Thank you Village de Vaux for all the coup de coeur, for all the joys and sorrows between 2003 and 2014.
I regret that we could not resolve the battles in each of us and between us!  That was sadness! 
Good bye Captain Sensible and HIS Sweetpea.
Goodbye Village de Vaux.

I am trying to convert this blog to a book.
Still not done it January 2018!