Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hyla Arborea-European Tree Frog

10-04-2010 All photographs are the property of Captain Sensible and should you wish to use them then please contact us through this blog site.

This amazing little amphibian surprised me when I was clearing collected rainwater in a bucket to water plants in pots. I gathered him up with two cupped hands one above and one below, tapped with my elbow on the kitchen window to Captain Sensible who was preparing the evening meal and excitedly called him to come quickly with his camera. At first I think he was thinking of his stomach but soon he was prostrate on the ground marvelling at the creature who seemed very pleased to perform for the photo shoot!

I'm not sure if this one is male or female but it lives in our lilac trees. I have been listening to it and its friends for a few weeks especially on the warmer evenings. One year we found one living in the spout of an old metal watering can and took a pre-digital photo. They have remarkable pads on their feet so that they can climb trees. They eat insects and lay their eggs in damp vegetation and then they metamorphose like other frogs. If you would like to learn more then go to this website which is very informative.
They appear to be called RAINETTES in France ... but perhaps this is because they often croak when the rain is about to arrive! I see that they have been introduced into England.

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