Thursday, 17 June 2010


My daughter phoned to see how we were as there was a UK news report of flooding in the Var in the South of France and she could see that the meteo was showing a large swathe of blue across our region of France. She knows we don't have television and so alerts us as and when necessary.
I have not been measuring the rain fall over the last 2 weeks other than reaising that empty buckets in the garden are filling rather dramaticallly. It's not the weather for camping!
am glad that we ate not at river level anymore. Our previous house was in flood plain. We're lucky, so far,and even though. I feel for the terrible experiences that flood victims endure. Lives have been lost due to the force of water and mud. This is a BBC link to the video.
It looks awful.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Who is a normal human being?

I wonder if there are any persons in normality?

If so, what constitutes normality?

OR better still, how does one identify anormality?

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Normality will be resumed shortly

I am just too exhausted with trying to blog at the same time as renovating property. I'm not feeling relaxed, there are too many tensions and decisions to make, there is shopping to complete and it's all go, go, go whilst I have help and assistance and attempt to face the problems that choosing a house be it the right one or the wrong one throws at normal life. The decision was made and I have to face the consequences of my actions which were taken for the very right reasons.
Life seems to throw me several lessons all at once just for good measure! I appear to be a slow learner and do not learn from experience so sometimes have to have several lessons before I begin to take heed. Repetition though is part of the learning process as I used to tell those I taught. Awareness and observation, courage and confidence all help!
Please forgive the lack of postings on the airwaves until I feel that I can produce something of value to those who read this public blog of my personal life.