Sunday, 4 April 2010

Angles sur l'Anglin Brocante

We did not arrive as early as we would have liked to and just missed the purchase of garden furniture, but we did buy a pretty though not perfect mirror, an interesting embroidery of maybe a wedding procession possibly from Alsace, and some boots for my granddaughter. We also saw a house martin or swallow emerge from an open lucarne in the haute ville.
Reward: French chocolate eggs
Our Picnic was made ...... Saffron rolls stuffed with cheese and Serrano ham with a flask of tea or coffee by the river, followed by an afternoon snooze in the warmth of the sunshine, spotted by rain drops. Ducks for company, literally eating out of Captain Sensible's hand.
Reward: Cadburys ( oh no... ) Creme eggs
Home again to tackle the garden which we have avoided on account of the weather... Some of the long tussocky lawn manhandled by the lawnmower has received the first cut ... and part of the potager to be planted with seed potatoes has been weeded. Our neighbour says to wait 10 days for the soil to dry out and warm up!
Reward: a glass of Amontillado and a long hot bath for back treatment!

COUNTDOWN: 26 days

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