Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Yellow Hand : La Main Jaune

Roundabouts in France are often very interesting and some can be spectacular.  This one is truly an interesting landmark. It is at a junction where the N10 meets the autoroute.  It was installed in August,  weighs 15 tonnes and is nearly 16 metres tall.  It was designed by a GP who enjoys sculpture.  Evidently, it symbolises the working world: apprentices, engineers, craftsmen, pensioners and other workers in and around Chatellerault, especially from 'The Manu' where once arms and later cutlery were manufactured.  That arms factory is now an excellent auto and velo museum.  The Yellow Hand took 7 years for volunteers to make.  If you can find the Yellow Hand then one cannot be lost!
Several years ago, whilst mosing about on French C roads, our road map did not reflect the actual lanes!  I wound the passenger window down to speak to two old boys in the pretty very rural village and explained that we were lost and could they help us!  I was told with a smile that one can never be 'LostinFrance' because one can always find out where one is.  Truly French logic!

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