Thursday, 2 December 2010


It's another snow no go day as we elect not to travel to do house renovations a 30 minute drive from here. It's all downhill into the valley and I expect the weather conditions may improve but then it's a consistently uphill climb and although we have a set of snow chains they are a nightmare to put on.

Bison-Fute indicate we are on an Orange alert..(nothing to do with FT!!)... indicating difficult driving conditions... not RED nor BLACK but one level up from GREEN which mean smooth with no driving difficuties.   Even so the woodburner is more inviting.

When we get there we'll have to turn the water on...and when we leave, turn it off. We have left the electric radiator on very low in one room to dry the plaster so it will be sort of cosy in there but the kitchen will be bleak! The comfort zone is pretty low there but not as difficult as with anyone who has to work with animals. I am thinking of my son, his lady and the horses.

 This is just a quick diversion before I settle to do admin work... and THINK about the possibilities of TRAVEL... later today or tomorrow.  In any case, we have to go tomorrow as the oak flooring is supposed to be arriving.  The company is from further south, West of France.  Do they realise what is white and is falling on the ground in this rural region?


Carolyn said...

New floors will make a big difference in your new home. Will there be photos?

ladybird said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, so I'm feeling quite lost ... Can you fill me in - in a few words - on you're doing exactly? Have you moved to France (Touraine???) and doing up your house? Thanks in advance! Martine

Jean said...

Personally the log fire would appeal more than a slip-slidey trip outdoors. But if you have to go, it's a different matter. Can you be sure the men will deliver the wood if you make the effort?