Friday, 31 December 2010

Bon Fin d'Année 2010

Best Wishes to everyone;  friends, family and all those who I do not know and may never meet, who read my postings, for the end of the year..... and for the next year I wish you all the best of opportunity.

I was reprimanded today for saying Bonne Année because one can't say that until after midnight!  How very logically French and quite exact! 

Until then one has to say "Bon Fin d'Année" and why not celebrate the going out as well as the coming in?  We don't have any black coal though!

Happy New Year to you all. 

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Susan said...

Don't worry, it was just someone being pedantic. I've had French people wish me bonne année at the end of the old year - usually it means they don't think they will see you in the next few weeks and might miss saying it altogether. Bonnes fêtes works well, and on New Year's eve, bonne reveillon is a good one.