Monday, 27 December 2010

On Christmas Day, On Christmas Day, No Picnic was had on Christmas Day

On account of the below freezing weather conditions which we have tolerated before on our legendary Christmas Day picnics, and on account of our fatigue in many areas it was just as well that we did not have such a feast mid-day. So TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT and TO DO SOMETHING SENSIBLE we took a 3 hour walk across fields and woodlands, through ancient rural villages, uphill, downvale,  along river banks showing evidence of medieval strip farming,  across fords,  to afford ourselves a place in the winter sunshine at a special lake where we had previously had our Christmas Day picnics and so... we SIMPLY ATE  our smoked salmon sandwich rolls with a clementine for dessert followed by coffee laced with Whiskey Mac.

In the evening once our hunger was restored we ate a first course of Salmon Provençale pre-prepared... with a green salad followed by the main course of Shoulder of Lamb from the field next door  served with roasted potatoes, pumpkin, onions, garlic and steamed broccoli and carrots. Then one of LIDLs finest cheeses,  a Bleu Bresse, accompanied with mâche (lamb's lettuce). This latter leaf is very popular with the French. It belongs to the Valerian family so is therefore probably very good for relaxation and healthy sleeping habits.
When I bought wholemeal bread at Leclerc I just could not RESIST the desserts and after umming and aahing over whether I should choose buche de noël or  ???? I chose these two on account of the little lutin and his spade for Captain Sensible and Sweetpea coloured raspberries!

And then they and the day were gone!

Thank goodness, that's all over for another year. The dreaded day has passed well, all things considered!

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ladybird said...

Hi Edna, Season's greetings from Belgium! A bit late, but nevertheless sincere! I admire and am slightly jealous of the way you spent Christmas: a delicious meal with French friends, a lovely walk and a picnic! Great! We visited Angles in 2008 and were overwhelmed by the beauty of the village. I hope to return there one day to take a closer look and to visit the ruins of the Château. Take care and enjoy the rest of the holidays! Martine