Friday, 3 December 2010


We managed to step into the great unknown world today on two occasions.
1: We went to AsA thinking the oak flooring may arrive but no, it will be tomorrow.  However, it gave us a chance to assess the roads, which once we were through our lane were surprisingly clear and dry; to assess the materials we need to purchase; to assess the electric heater usage (it had been left on to dry out plaster) and to allow for another, yes, yet another, until the walls are flat, coat of 'jointe rapide' and of course a French mid-morning coffee break with the best croissants in the world from the boulangerie-on-the-hill.  Tomorrow, we will economise (slightly) with apple pancakes. One can't keep spending and being tempted at the lovely boulangerie!
2. After a quick cheese on toast with sauteed tomatoes lunch we headed into the outskirts of Poitiers to purchase tiles for the hearth.  Oh much deliberation from she who doesn't make decisions painlessly!   THEN she makes a choice only to discover that the tiles have to be ordered!  Eventually, acknowledging that 10 days still gives time before Christmas for the two poele-a-bois to be installed  she orders those more expensive ones and ALSO orders a different sort for the salle-de-bain.  She had to get her 5% discount on the LRM store card that she was inveigled into before the end of the year! Oups!  We also took advantage of the distance and leapt into the vast Auchan which is not as ENORMOUS as the one at Tours, to buy food, gas and petrol as stocks were perilously low.   ONE OF THINGS WE LOVE ABOUT WINTER is seeing how long we can go without shopping! Inventing meals can be quite innovative!  However, when there are no eggs and no fresh vegetables then it is imperative to shop! Of course this year we have the freezer filled with lamb and Captain Sensible for some inexplicable reason is into ice-cream. It goes nicely with bottled cherries! So we are never without food. We also have a lot of small potatoes from the potager which I am very happy to peel because it reminds me of maternal grandmother! Now, we have stocked up on fresh veg and fruit, a change of carnivorous protein, AND for me some French wine! It keeps me balanced!


bowiechick said...

Hi Mum in France! Yes I think what Seb and Becky are doing is quite grand and I am secretly envious! Well I know exactly the challenges they are going through. My "problem" with our projects were that there were just too many and the design of it conflicted with my needs on many levels and just made me grumpy. But they are taking the time to put some real craftsmanship into WA2 and for that alone they should be lauded upon high. Thanks for adding me. I am going to go through yours too! Tana

SweetpeainFrance said...

Hey.... I was so gobsmacked at reading your message I just spilt my glass of Bergerac! Thankyou for such a charming comment .. but don't dig too deeply! SebsMuminFrance x