Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wednesday 2nd September 2009

The weather has made a distinctive shift from summer to autumn. Leaves carpet the arid lawn. Wind and rain at night create a distinct freshness but the grasshoppers are still singing so we know that the temperatures are still good. We must harvest and eat the beetroots being a good size and I don't like them when they get too large... and the carrots which are mostly thin and tiny but still good. The tomatoes also need to be cropped. Soup and sauces may be the best answer apart from tomato tarts. The leeks are growing well and with any luck we may later have some of those green pointy cauliflowers.

I am able to concentrate better...problems to solve ... photos to edit ... things to write... items to sort... people to contact...things to do ... places I want to visit.. restrictions on transport...oh the riches of life. Trying to be positive!

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