Sunday, 13 September 2009

September warmth expires

September brings some chilly winds once the sun's warmth expires.
We've had a few days exploring the region with Captain Sensible's sister and husband and we have tried to keep ourselves busy! BUT Sweetpea has eaten too much and needs to adopt a regime with more exercise..which is not her favourite pastime as she is not sporty! Oh, the lovely French food beckons ... even the healthy food still in our garden. We must pick the tomatoes and dig up the last of the beteraves and carrots. The romano choufleurs are beginning to grow. Maybe we should remove some lower leaves to push the energy into the flowers. The soil is dry and dusty as I dig the last of the failed beans into the ground. It needs manure!
We returned to St Savin church... more a cathedral as the steeple soars into the blue cobalt sky. Inside this vast space the scaffolding, signs and sounds of labour have departed, leaving the silent magnificence and grandeur to return with the coloured pillars standing like candyrock.

The friezes on the ceiling need binoculars to see the detail but it's good neck exercise. I love Noah's ark.

The short video of renovation is informative and I gasped to witness the intricate detail of labour that has been required. What skill, talent and patience. Merrimée and now Unesco have treasured and rescued this beautiful building from ruin. Merci. Why is it that when the notices say quite clearly no flash photography, even the guides as well as other visitors ignore the request? I mentioned this to an attendant in the shop who acknowledged that no one takes any notice! I think it shows a lack of respect for all that the craftsmen have achieved. Mercy.

The old bridge is very interesting and CS noticed that the sections for the passing of packhorses are differently shaped. One is pointed, others are curved and some are rectangular.

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