Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Warmth is lacking in the weather but not in the heart of France

We lit the woodburner.... even with a few layers of clothing we feel cold. The rain has arrived after another 14 days without water. Today it has fallen finely for most of the day and we are damp around the edges! It amazes me that we had the tale end of Summer weather just a few days ago and now the seasonal shift feels well into Autumn.

However, it was Patrimoine weekend for the 19th and 20th September and a little warmth has returned. We've listened to and watched some of the free concerts for the Haydn Chamber Festival weekend, being amazed by the talent and perfection of the young musicians.
We attended the celebrations for the 400th anniversary of the Henry IV bridge. A painting competition was in action and many painters positioned along the quay were providing their interpretation of this famous bridge.

Before 1609 when the stone bridge was constructed, there was a wooden bridge across the Vienne If one ventured into the Hotel Sully, near to the church of St Jacques de Compestela
one could see drawings of the technical engineering that was demanded to create this imposing structure. The bridge survived WWII when the mayor and other brave members of the public stayed on the bridge and asked the Germans not to destroy the bridge with explosives. Fortunately they obliged. For this event one of the barques was called into action as a ferry ... I could have sat there being punted back and forth all day!
In the early evening we danced "Sur le Pont de Chatellerault" whilst Renaissance dancers and musicians led us with music and example.

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