Thursday, 3 September 2009

Jolly visitors

Some very good friends, Rose and Colin came for a few days in August. We were not inspired by the modernistic interpretation of the 15000 year old magdalenniene frieze at Angles sur l'Anglin. It was a hot day but the route to the cinematic diaporama meant little in the searing heat and did not portray meaning for the historical time it was meant to represent. And as one entered into darkness out of the very bright light it didn't seem very clever for those who are less confident in their mobility! The copy of the cave relief was in plastic not in a stone-like substance and I am surprised that it didn't melt in the heat of the sun! The guide and the visitors were melting also! We also went to Richelieu and wandered in the town and the park to try and conjure what life was like when the Cardinal was in power! Picnic lunches and evening meals made us very full. I've got to go on a fish, fruit and vegetables diet!!
Cheers Rose!!!

See the portrayal of history at but come back to here!!!

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