Monday, 7 September 2009

Another Sunday bicycle ride

Yesterday we did a second Sunday 'velo' excursion. This time we took the car to a vide-grenier at Chenevelles where we listened to French 'danse ancienne musique' (Stefan was playing his recorder in the group) and then travelled north of Chatellerault to another vide-grenier at Antran. Having found a few 'fleabargains' we tired of the tatt and leapt upon the velos for 'une promenade' further north to Vaux-sur-Vienne. I love Autumn when one can stop and collect wild walnuts, hazelnuts, blackberries, Reine Claude plums. Forager est Vivre. Who needs a bar? I had plums stuffed down my bra as I had no pockets. They were too good to miss and essential for the digestive system! When we returned to the fĂȘte we were mildly disappointed because we had missed the fun of the "carnival of rafts" (les radeaux) being water-borne. However, there they were, all lined up... and the winner was the one whose contributions of coins were the heaviest. How equitable (fair-minded) and non-judgemental is that? C'est la vie en France! The bar was still open and so I had a beer and he had a rosĂ©-pamplemousse, mais malheureusement there was no more pancake mixture available.
It was quite warm yesterday. Today has been even hotter (18C / 68F at 20h)... we had to go into the town to deal with various matters ... then having taken our friend a birthday gift we returned chez nous for the soiree. It has been SO HOT that even by 19h, having had a rare pizza lunch (we shared one as it is so huge), we only needed a salad evening meal. Even that appeared to be huge by the time we raided the garden produce fora beefsteak tomato, lettuce, beetroot, grated carrots and potatoes mayonnanise to accompany the Blue Cheese from LIDL, which was JUST to go with the glass of red wine, you understand!

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