Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Un pique-nique extraordinaire

The French ladies (four are not in the phot0) who are learning English whilst we learn French, brought merriment and mirth to the lavoir, where we had an evening picnic which lasted about 4 hours.

The soirée began with individuals arriving with baskets of contributions. After some hilarity with preparing the table and chairs, twelve of us sat down for the end of term picnic.  First of all aperos with a "Marguerita" cocktail were enjoyed with a gateau salée made with olives, red peppers and feta cheese. This got everyone off to a good start and was followed  by a terrine of tuna served with tomatoes. Exquisite! The main course was wonderfully cooked "roti de boeuf" and roast pork ( I don't eat the latter!) The cheese course was served with Sweetpea's cherry cheese confit!  A red berry dessert in small verrines, evidently trés à la mode.

Just before the dessert we gave our small gifts of Earl Grey Tea with specific instructions in English on how to make a cup of English tea.  Everyone was happy.

We knew the end was nigh when the electric street lamps went ON  at 11 pm. We were not in the dark anymore, BUT, everyone  knew that "the economies" were in action and that in about 10 minutes the lamps would be turned OFF. We cleared up 'tout suite' and the local ladies were quite right, we were plunged into darkness. 

What a feast! 

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