Friday, 10 July 2009


Today was my son's birthday. Happy Birthday my dearest son!

It is July and there are many friends and relations all with birthdays this month so Happy Birthday to you all. 

I am just letting you know I was born on St Benedicts Feast Day, 11 july 1949, about half past two in the morning, British time,  60 years ago!!!  

There, I have said it, "Je suis une belle age!!!" 

About 6 weeks ago, a very good friend wanted to give me a surprise party but Captain S knew that I would not handle that very well, so after a discussion, we decided, probably not very wisely,  that a party organised by us would allow us to invite the French people who have helped us, as immigrants, to integrate into the European culture which we love.  We have wanted to do something for them for some time. Here was an opportunity.

There will be the Villagers de Vaux, and also some of the friends "qui danse les dances anciennes", et puis il y a les personnes qui prends les cours anglais ou nous apprenons les cours francais! Also there will be some very good English people that we often meet.  There are many other English and French people who we would have liked to have invited, but when the numbers get to double figures we have to say STOP!!! As it is, there will be over 60 people.

We have created a set menu with aperos and aperitifs,  a first course, a main course,  fromage et dessert et puis cafe ou the. We are hoping that some people will stay for the evening. We are also hoping that the predicted rain will fall before or after Sunday, party day, and that it will be warm and wind free. 

It has been rather stressful, to say the least, and now I am calm before the storm. There is much to do and I should go to bed ready for an early morning start. 
Bon nuit.

PS... I ordered myself a camera but I don't think it will arrive tomorrow. Never mind!!!

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