Thursday, 16 July 2009

July 14th in France

At midday we enjoyed 'Un aperitif sous les feuillages place de la mairie' drinking a rum punch! This was followed by 'Un banquet républicain'.

Melon jambon
Magret Flageolets
Dessert Glacé 

At 2pm the 'Concours de boules' commenced and we were enveigled into participating just for fun! We played three or four games in all but were I think the last in the concours!   Nevertheless we received our consolation prize - a bottle of Cote du Rhone. Very fine! There were games for the children.......
and pony rides.

In the evening we sat with our blanket in a field overlooking the River Vienne at La Roche Posay with a fine view of the island of the old windmill, the Dungeon, the church and the chateau, waiting for the 11th hour of the second part of the day.   The voice of Aristide amplified and poeticised French flora, fauna and food, whilst the grandeur and ecstacy of colour and sound from fireworks exploded in the night sky. All this was supported by classical and film music creating an emotive ambience. We were too tired to rest in town for the bal populaire .   It has been an exhausting but exciting few days and weeks.

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