Sunday, 19 July 2009

An ode to 60 from my cousin Dot

Happy Birthday to Sweetpea who has reached her sixtieth year and with lots more ahead

A is for aphids, apples and action
B is for brightness, a little bling, bbqs, and bees
C is for climate change, corks and champagne
D is for David, dear, definitely and doing
E is for exercise, energy and eating
F is Felicity and Francescsa, friendship, fitness and fun
G is for going, growing and ‘go for it’ Mum
H is for climbing that hill, happies and harvesting
I is for inspiration from wherever that comes
J is for jumping for joy, and juggling the hours in the day
K is for kissing, you do lots of that
L is for learning, lemons, living and life
M is for mornings and mulling, mousing and mothers
N is for nothing to do – that’s unlikely
O is for order, off and octogenarians
P is for peanuts, pruning and popping
Q is for quiggling and those querulous quackers
R is for racing and running - and raising a glass to the year
S is for Sebastian, stories, seeing the world and for SIXTY
T is not for tears, but for teatime, tasting and treats
U is for unwinding and under, but never unfit
V is for victorious, viewing and vines
W is for whacky and words, weeding and winning
X Y Z is all of a jumble

but with much love for your SIXTIETH YEAR and for a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY - a very full and successful year ahead, full of new shoots, new ideas, the fulfilling of dreams. reaching for the stars and another chapter in life !
with lots and lots of love from your cousin Dot xx

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