Monday, 6 July 2009

Reflections of a Gite Cleaner

She tells me that it's quite hard work but good exercise.  So, when she's vacuuming she doesn't have to go to the gym!! It's one way to burn off the calories. She gets to swim in their pool when it has been cleaned if the other cleaner allows and she tells this story of how she persuaded him to go in the pool after he had cleaned it for the nth time.  Stones and cuttings land in the water, time and time again after mowing the lawn and strimming the grass that meets the paved area around the pool. She, having completed her tasks, sat in the sunshine warming her bra and naked midriff and had only just successfully persuaded him to strip off his shorts to plunge into the perfectly pristine pool.  At this crucial moment of relief and relish that work was over and wishing for the cocktail in hand,  the guests arrived.  They'd walked around instead of driving the car so had silently come upon their holiday environment and the cleaners having their "first moment of the day "relaxation".  How embarassing!  She steered them away from the pool so that he could climb out in privacy. Then they informed her they were awaiting two more adults... hmmmm... gulp ...yes ... do go to the supermarket and get your provisions ... and as quick as lightning she made up the second double bed.  Had she read the booking form? of course but the brain had not clicked that there were 4 adults with the three children. All was well. No harm done. They were happy guests.  Moral of the tale: "Enjoy privileges at a safe moment!"

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