Saturday, 2 August 2008

Remembering July at the beginning of August

The Tour de France

Arriving early to stake a picnic place we found that almost every good vantage point between Le Grand Pressigny and Preuilly sur Claise had been taken. However, once installed we noticed how tranquil and well organised the whole event evolved. The police who at each junction onto the route dropped an officer wished us "bon appetit" and bibbed their hooters!! The caravan of sponsored vehicles zoomed past at an alarming speed and evidently kept up the fast pace as much as possible even through the towns. The bicycles and supporting vehicles also thundered through with black helicopters and white helicopters and then the final car saying end of tour but we have no photos of that part as we took a video. Within seconds everyone was on their way home; the police were collected by coaches and not a trace of the Tour de France was left! It was fun and we gained three free gifts!

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