Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Wendy Ann 2 will enter the water

I'm not sure that anyone is reading this blog apart from a very few other than myself BUT the good news and excellent news is that Wendy Ann will on September 12th 2008 be lifted from the Saxon Wharf shrouded home of three years where her tired and dilapidated condition has been treated by Seb, Becky and their many friends to manual labour and machines operated by hand to remove the concrete ballast,and repair her steel hull and on September 15th 2008 will be lowered into the water and let us hope and pray and keep fingers and toes crossed that she will be watertight.
So PLEASE read more at the blog where you can read the history of this mammoth venture. However, unless you've been there or unless you see the tug before she enters the water it is my opinion you can NOT fully comprehend and appreciate the enormity of the task that they have achieved. http://thevoyageofwendyann2.blogspot.com/

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