Saturday, 23 August 2008

Chefs come to dine with us

A few days ago Sweetpea bravely cooked for competent chefs of Le C- - - - - - - ! Captain Sensible prepared the garden and the porch, and acted as Commis Chef, ready to help her make decisions when she began to lose confidence. Fortunately the weather was clement so we could enjoy aperitifs on the upper lawn and then dine under our new porch with fairy lights. Our guests arrived at 19h and departed at 01h, so we judged the evening to have been successful.

However, we did rather panic when they arrived. The extra challenge was to cater for 5 when the table and meal were prepared for 4. Their youngest daughter arrived!

We passed the test and it was surprising how quickly the extra person could be catered for when I had cooked 4 of everything. There were some tartelettes not quite up to presentational standard and extra salmon in the fridge and I had made extra compotes for the next day. The unexpected guest was served and we were saved!

The chefs told us that they were not often invited out to evening dinner. It was a shame that our lighting was not sufficient to see the beautiful colours of the dishes.
Despite that, it was a special evening for us, especially when it was our first wining and dining evening on our new porch.

This was our Menu

Aperitif - Kir avec petit toasts of mousse de foies de volailles

Chicken Liver Patè on Small circles of toasted whole wheat baguette served with Kir

Tartelettes avec Tomates Cerises Jaune

Tartelettes of Poached Yellow Cherry Tomatoes


Saumon en croute de Pesto Basilico avec un sauce de Safran, accompagne avec timbales d'epinards et des carottes et gateaux de rosti.

Salmon in a Saffron Sauce with Basil Pesto on a bed of Rosti served with spinach and carrot timbales

Trois Fromages avec Pain des Olives fait a ma Maison

Cheese board of Navarrais Brebis, Roquefort and Green Donkey Cheese

served with Home Baked Olive Bread

Compôte des Mures et des Pommes avec Crême Fraiche de Lesigny

Compôte of Blackberries and Apple layered in a glass dish and served with Crême Fraiche de Lesigny

Cafe avec des petites Chocolates Noir
Coffee served with Chocolate Squares from Chatellerault

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