Wednesday, 30 July 2008

End of July

The wind that has blown this month away and blown in the flies has at last abated in the last three days. The temperature soars into the 30°s melting tarmacadam in places. A swim in the River Gartempe brings a little respite. We are not complaining.

Captain Sensible has had a cortisone injection in the knee and removal of fluid from his housemaid's knee. I warned him to keep away from the housemaid but he did not listen! However with the rhumatalogue he was brave and did not cry out but the following day had to rest in bed unable to sleep with a high fever until we thought that the codoliprane might help. Results! The swelling is reducing, the fever has gone, but he must avoid the sunlight for a few days!

From 7th to 21st we enjoyed the company of Felicity and Francesca - more photos here - but see August for more photos and holiday news.

Dick and Carol popped in for a very enjoyable lunch of anchovy quiche tart and salad from our garden. They were en route to the South of France with boat. There was constant talk , and a walk around the estate to admire the poplar hybrids but insufficient time for Carol and Sweetpea to play the piano or the accordion! Lovely to see them looking so healthy! Have a good holiday!

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