Thursday, 2 September 2010

To everything there is a moment

Slowly ... pas a pas ... I am making a little further progress with renovations in MY house.
One would not believe me if I were to say how long it takes to find suitable flooring, a door handle, a bathroom suite....and how to get it back to base!!!! ... and how and what to negotiate with the electrician, plumber, sander, painter, decorator, general builder, stonemason, etcetera! I have such a lot to learn and assimilate.

Do I need this week's problem to accompany the problems I have brought upon myself?

In the last week I must have spent at least one whole day in terms of time trying to connect The New House with internet and telephone facilities, to only to discover that the account, now 7 days old, isn't yet activated!! Oh, so frustrating! frustrant!
In addition 3 journeys to the BIG CITY near me, to see if I can at least get into the shop called Orange which is so bulging at its seams with people making complaints, changing equipment or buying new resources and contracts, that they cannot squeeze through the automatic doors without the alarm being activated, takes almost two hours as I am passed from one helpful French person to another, in varying degrees of those who can understand me and those who do not wish to want to understand me. Ho hum and only last week did one of their staff congratulate me on my level of French competency. It just shows one can never be complacent!

Orange ... the future for me, hopefully, will be brighter next week! GGgggrrrrrrr!

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Susan said...

Huge waves of sympathy from me. I can certainly believe how long it takes to choose seemingly the most simple stuff for the house. And dealing with large French organisations do grind you down.