Sunday, 12 September 2010

Success, I think, at last

Last night I discovered that instructions from even that nice man at Apple were not clear. When I entered the port code (I think it is called that ..with numbers and fullstops)  it opens with the word 'admin' (no guillemots) and I thought THAT was the password I was required to enter.   Silly me!  ...what was NOT clear is that you have to enter the same word as the first password ... so there are two "admin' on screen and THEN one can proceed to configure the LIVEBOX.  Having passed the first hurdle every thing I did suggested that the LIVEBOX was synchronised but not connected correctly and yet I had further confusion because another message said it was connected but the server could not be found. Further exploration discovered other pages I could not access before and it seems I have solved the problem of accessing internet and telephone accessibility by prompting the DynDNS.  I don't know what it is but I am able to connect and create this post! Dindins or not I'll be able to have some lunch!

Oh is the future bright and the future ORANGE?
I will not think so when the facture/bill is asked for!

Interestingly, I discovered also that the dear ORANGE company have been leaving me telephone messages to ask me to confirm that I require the technician to arrive on 10 September 2010 at 10h.

Silly them!   How can I access the telephone messages or the voicemail by email (that's a new service I did not know we could have!)  if the 'NETPLUS' is not connected and THAT WAS the reason for needing the technician.   Hello......  is anyone there??????

Does the right hand of ORANGE know what the left hand is doing?  Does one part of this organisation know what is happening in a different department?   Evidently this expression / proverb about keeping matters separate from other matters is  Biblical. Matthew 6:3 
"... when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth."
Don't give "oneself credit for providing charity to others - just give and forget about it."
 I suppose each person / department has given separate information but there is not any "joined-up thinking", workplace jargon for where the viewpoints/information of each department of the organisation have arrived at an agreement or compromise.

I will see what happens on another day when I have changed houses, internet services and returned to the house of renovation. 

Then I must try to solve how to access my photos and download new ones.

Meanwhile I am off to hoover, that is to say, to vaccuum clean the building dust.


Jean said...

In this day and age, shouldn't this kind of trouble be a thing of the past? Isn't that the whole idea of progress?

It reminds me of a song which has the words "right said Fred".

A RDV would be nice! Could you send an email to my profile address......??? rush !!

SweetpeainFrance said...

Yes ... my sister and I used to do a little sketch to that particular song. It was funny... but we never play-acted at anything else. Strange.