Monday, 22 March 2010

We claim the First Cuckoo of Spring and the Nightingale 2010 9h10m

I have just put my head out of the window to take the above photo as the owners of the land have cut up the fallen tree, kept the large logs, bundled the twigs, taken them away and are having a bonfire today.
And I am so EXCITED ... VOILA ...
The Cuckoo is calling from the Paradise de Chevres over to the right! I was only thinking yesterday that I MUST listen out but this is earlier than I anticipated. Oh welcome Spring!
Last Spring we had this view of trees to the North but the tree on the left has taken a fall in springtime.
The log pile is more visible and our view of life at Village de Vaux has obviously altered.

AND I if I am not mistaken there is also the Nightingale ... but she has just moved on as the sound of the chainsaw has just started up! I MUST RETURN to my work away from the computer!


Carolyn said...

I'm glad you're back and recuperating. Nothing like the arrival of spring to wake us all up. said...

Thank you Carolyn ...wherever you are I hope you also have good weather.