Thursday, 4 March 2010

Posts of timber and posts of blog

There is hardly time to think, let alone to write indulgently, but I'm grabbing some time to do so because it helps me to feel relaxed.
Tuesday travelling allowed me to see the first brown butterfly... I retraced the two steps that it had taken me to register this springtime herald but she'd fluttered by!
I left behind the warmer weather and Captain Sensible. 13 hours after waking I arrive at my destination. The following day I spend 6 hours lifting impossibly heavy telegraph poles, cut to the required lengths, for my son and almost daughter-in-law. Two of us dragged 33 of these across a tussocky field on a wheelbarrow, then we used a better trolley barrow to bring them to their fenced positions.

The above railed fences were completed last month and the sandschool for "THE YARD" was opened. More of these fences are being built so that the horses can be rotated on the grassy fields. My son and his busy bee lady have opened a livery for 12 horses.
Fun .... and I surprisingly didn't ache today!


IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

Hi mum.
Just to let you know I've finished the fence we were slaving on today- middle rail and everything. Just remains to hang de gate, switch on the electric fencing and set the horses loose in it... then it's time to get on with that huge top field.
Oh Goddddd.
And still they keep delivering more telegraph poles.

Was a small delay in finishing because a load of reclaimed european oak for making panelling from came under my radar and I just had to bag it. Free, but slaving hard work to extract it. Next it has to be thicknessed and provided with a tongue and a groove, only about two more days work.

Love, S

Sweetpea in France said...

You'll be jumping hurdles in your dreams!!!!!!! Madre xxx