Sunday, 21 March 2010

The vernal equinox - Spring has arrived

I should feel full of the joys of Spring but a virus contracted on my UK visit waylaid me with acute pharyngitis. I have been so tired, so exhausted, that the pharmaceutical medicines contributed to my day and night time sleepy times. I have struggled to help with domestic duties. Toplexil is the best cough medicine I have ever tasted .. just like caramelised toffee ice cream sauce!!! ... then there is the Rhinofluimicil solution for pulverisation nasale which nicely gets rid of the phlegm, then the 200mg Flanid - an anti inflammatory ... and just for good measure 500mg Dafalgan paracetemol plus Magnesium B6.
I have only wanted to eat ice cream but now fish, fruit and raw vegeatables are very enticing. On one of the warmest days of this week I could have been found sleeping in the hammock, bundled in my coat, two blankets and a hot water bottle with the sun shine warming my face and Big Feet warming my tummy.
I have also been out of commission with the traumatic voyage to UK...I must remember this the next time I have an urge to return. We were three generations exhausted!
Little Francesca was ill for her 2nd birthday and the following week so we never went to the zoo, zoo, zoo! Mummy was worn out with trying to appease the child and Gran'maman was not flavour of the month as she was also attempting to solve various issues with regard to the NEW PROJECT!

Normally, I don't mind driving alone but the return journey took me longer than normal on account of stopping to sleep!

Apart from seeing immediate family members which had its lows and highs, during the 12 days of which 4 were travel days, as mentioned previously, I managed to pull heavy telegraph pole sections into their locations for fencing. I saw my second cousin once removed and her daughter and we all enjoyed pizza, garlic bread and raspberry fool ... (the two little ones enjoyed reading together)
On a different day I struggled to help some friends with raking their lawn!
Three lame codgers were we
one had an operated-on knee
one with ankle tendonitis
one to suffer pharyngitis
Three old codgers were we.

In addition I was glad to reach Littlehampton to witness Wendy Ann 2 moored in water and moored in mud as the tide fell. She is phenomenal. How on earth my son and his woman have ever managed to reach this part of the project I do not know. It has taken 6 years, incurred a few, just a few, episodes of rage and ravishment; the toll has been enormous but I can see that if only they could get sufficient income to repay the debts and to furbish the inside for habitation (even basic would do) then the dream would neara reality. Plans to see my mother and at least one other friend were all scuppered.

What a relief to get to Normandy, to see the large skies and to feel the space between people and vehicles. The sun, the clear blue skies and the aeolien turbines were welcoming sites as I headed south. The price of petrol was however not welcoming at all!

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