Tuesday, 2 February 2010

You see that we have a penchant for les pensions

Today Captain Sensible was EMINENTLY sensible and having received money into the bank for his pension, dashed out to the shops when I enquired as to what were we going to eat for our evening meal. It is true that I did not know he had received a very small income. About 30 minutes later, he reappeared with mushrooms and tournedos. Meanwhile, not knowing his mission, I had been making my new invention of a dessert (see previous posting) as well as some sort of "meatless Cornish pasty" pies!!!! Speak with a Cornish accent now...."they"ll be good for tomorrrer"
So ... for tonight, one large potato made very thin chippies ...and two tournedos fillets (approx 7 euros) with an onion, garlic and mushroom topping, went well with a lettuce and Parmesan cheese side salad. The cheese course was home-made fig bread with a creamy Stilton (opened for a week beforehand and acquired from friends who had been to UK), then my lovely tart for dessert. The steak was served with a Cotes Du Rhone (details later) and the dessert was served with ...(details later)
A girl of my age can't do full reportage at this hour of the evening!!!!!!

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