Friday, 19 February 2010

Une Vie Toute Neuve - A Brand New Life

Very highly recommended. This is such a powerful Franco-Korean film with brilliant acting and photography under the first directorship of a woman whose life experience influenced the subject matter. My interpretation is that the theme of being abandoned and adopted had religious tones, linking a father and a daughter in real life with that of the father and the child of spiritual Catholicism / Christianity. The shiny black shoes and the pretty coat lead the child to a new life not of her choosing. Friendship, death, suicide, survival, hunger, greed, anger, love, care, compassion, broken promises, deceit, trust, acceptance, disability are all portrayed.
I weep with warm tears as the song of hope, remembrance and opportunity is sung again by those not yet chosen, as the central character leaves the orphanage for her third home.
We were reading French subtitles with Korean language. A smattering of English - - - smile for the camera. For me the film was educational.

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