Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Winter Weather, Water and Ice

Still no running water in the house.... but the well water is not frozen so Captain Sensible and his alternative technology background realised we could pump water for washing and flushing. We have also been to La Roche Posay and collected thermal spa water from the source (we hope) for drinking and cooking. When we returned from our travels there was ice in the water closet!!!!!!!

The freeze has ruined the shower thermostat.... this is what happened to two other shower units of friends' last year. If we ever go away again in winter time we will ensure that there is a thermostatically controlled heater in the shower room. Tomorrow we hope it will be warmer to effect a repair.

It's getting almost too hot in the living room with the woodburner on full steam eating the oak logs that our neighbours toiled in wintry conditions to supply.

One of these two men had a terrible accident... the tree fell on him, piercing his leg. He is still immobilised but lucky to be alive. We don't complain about the price of wood for winter warmth.

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