Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Le Quotidien

It's almost the end of the month! I just can't believe that one twelfth of 2010 has happened.

I am not much further on in my quest but it isn't for want of trying. I've just got to get out and about, do more searching and MAKE A DECISION!

Marmalade has been made and is being made. That's an easy decision to make each year. Two batches down and maybe three to go to ensure I have supplies for the year. David groans when I open a 5 year old jar which is sumptious! He thinks I should sell it at Harrods or somewhere better... It was hand-sliced! This year though I thought I would hand slice the peel the machine zapped the two batches! I have reduced the number of sweet oranges and sugar in my recipe and method followed during 40 years of loving MY marmalade. The result is a wakey-wakey, sharper, brighter taste. But of course, the flavour changes as it matures in the jar! I managed to buy 60 Seville oranges, then became seduced by the lemons, limes, grapefruit and sweet oranges. However, the latter have been eaten. They were delicious. Normally I don't like eating raw oranges unless I am in Valencia.

Captain Sensible has had his birthday ...see previous posting on this year's marvellous magical mystery tour. Are we both eligible for train or bus passes in France? Must investigate. However, I know because I tried it just before Christmas, we can get reduced costs at the cinema! My daughter's family is off to Mexico. Lucky treat for the three of them. My son is trying to get the sandschool completed, repair burst water pipes and find daily paid work. My partner is making photographic slideshows. Cleaning the house, tackling my muddles, becoming engrossed with computer activities, and cooking, appear to absorb my energies. We recommenced walking with the group. My piano lessons require practice at the keyboard. I have also started a new venture of pottery lessons. FUN! as I get to learn French. Likewise at our TEFL lessons.

This week I managed to persevere with a telephone call, speaking French to an administrative officer when she insisted I should telephone another number where they could speak perfect English because my French was "not perfect!" I stuck to my guns 'in French' and explained that we had conversed several times before Christmas without too many communication difficulties, and that despite the 'reputation' that some Brits have of not trying to speak French, I AM trying. She then became extremely helpful, even speaking English. Voila! it was a Friday afternoon so I think I will excuse her!

Each day brings something new ... but the days are passing too quickly!

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