Friday, 1 January 2010

Tartiflette de Haute-Savoie

Two days ago I made Tartiflette, which we ate half of and the other half was eaten this evening. To accompany it we bought a white wine we had never heard of: Chignin 2008 from the viticulteur, PASCAL RAVIER. It is a wine from Savoie and the name pertains to the region. The grape is Jacquère de Chignin. It is a pale golden coloured wine, holding its fresh, light, mineral taste in the mouth. We later discovered it is good with seafood and also potato dishes such as Tartiflette. This I had heard of as a recipe but did not know what the ingredients were.
So it is an excellent wintry dish served with a green salad dressed with hazelnut oil.

Layer slices of cooked potato and sauteed onions, with maybe some garlic, and lardons (bacon). As I do not eat pork I added mushrooms instead of bacon. Then a Reblochon cheese is sliced in half horizontally and arranged cut side down onto the top layer of potatoes. Bake in an oven about 180℃ until the cheese has melted and crusted on top.

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