Sunday, 2 August 2009

A Cocktail Dinatoire

We were invited to a 60th birthday party for two lovely people who we know as a result of teaching English to French friends.
There were petite asiatic-influenced verrines and canapés to accompany the blue curaçao cocktail. A quails egg amuse-bouche introduced us to a buffet barbecue where we could choose any or all of the grilled St Jacques, Crevettes, Agneau or Canard served with a fabulous artichoke purée and a filo pastry parcel of potatoes and apples. Three types of cheeses presented on a long oak board were followed by pretty patisseries and fruits dipped in the chocolate fountain, then café.  I enjoyed the Macon white Chardonnay, but others enjoyed the chilled St Nicholas Bougueil 2007.   An exquisite honey-flavoured pink Champagne helped us to congratulate our hosts with toasts.  Bien sûr, c'est une belle age! People were encouragingly friendly, and we understood much of the conversation at our table. Generous warm-hearted French kindness is such a pleasure to experience. Jacques explained that the French do not have pubs as in England, therefore they enjoy socialising, eating, drinking and listening to music or dancing with their friends and families in each others homes.
We arrived at 20h and departed at 02h. It was a wonderfully relaxed evening, listening to French chansons, practising French language and enjoying a stylish, cultural experience. Fun!

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