Tuesday, 10 February 2009

LIfe is GOOD

The piano has been tuned and what a difference that makes. "The Piano" film soundtrack sounds harmonic and doesn't go "waoh waoh waoh!" Such a nice man was M. Gilbert and I can highly recommend him to anyone who needs an accordeur. He vacuumed the piano inside, pointed out the humidity, tried to repair the sticky keys, and did not complain about my very old piano, but when I said I'd waited all my adult life for a new piano he said how the years are passing! Don't I know it if I look in the mirror! Oh to have a new grand piano with a view of the mountains.
Then we made onion, walnut and green olives (all combined) bread as well as some yummy date bread with wholemeal flour and fresh yeast. I roasted a red pepper, stuffed with fresh fenouil, fennel seeds and goat's cheese.  I made shortcrust pastry. David made an onion quiche and I made a French tart to die for. We don't normally have dessert.  It is Nadine's recipe though she used shop pastry (which is an anathema to me), chocolate, pears, eggs , crême fraïche and lurve. Mmmm. Only in France and in my kitchen!
Full Moon after The Tempest

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