Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A Dream Afloat

Out of the dry dock and splash!!!!!!!

Well done Wendy Ann 2 and Well done to all of the people who have supported this phenomenal project borne by the dream of two creative spirits. Not only have Seb and Becky worked solidly against the elements, but others have supported them from far and near, with physical, emotional, mental, financial, verbal and literary support. Some have given huge amounts of knowledge, skills and advice, some have donned their work clothes to give practical, manual labour and have experienced the sweat, toil, fun and drama to help the dream come true. At last she sits in the waters of the ocean, a new vessel. Bless her and bless all those aforementioned. Now there's just the kitting out to do!!!

My what a pretty sight!!!!!! 
Thank you to Tim Zim for going out on his dinghy to record the event. Well done you!!!!!   I hope you do not mind me making the link here.  My son telephoned tonight and is to say the least rather exhausted but I admire his tenacity and I think he, Becky and all of you who have been there have such a  lot to be proud of.
Tim Zim's record of Wendy Ann 2 launchAll other photographs supplied by Seb Pattenden


John Gilham said...

Brian put me on to Seb's blog and I followed the link.

Great to see his project launched. Good to see Felicity's baby too on your post. And good to know that you are living adventurously in France.

I have a granddaughter now (Kit's), called Amelie, who is 9 months old.

John Gilham

Sweetpea in France said...

Congratulations! Amelie is such a lovely name.