Saturday, 21 February 2009

Les Fleurs de Safran

It is the first time we have been to 'La Foire au Safran' and this one was at Preuilly-sur-Claise.  Several  producers of this most expensive spice displayed their floral treasure in prettily labelled glass jars.   It was extremely interesting to see the slideshow of how the bulbs are planted and to listen to and understand information about this special crocus, how it is cared for through the seasons and how the pistils are collected to be used in culinary and medicinal recipes. The smell of the small crocus stamens is divine.  I could not resist purchasing one gram in a very pretty glass jar, thinking of Easter and making Saffron buns - a recipe which I have not used for some time.  We also saw the prized truffles but the budget will not extend in that direction.  There were about 40 exhibitors. In the arts and crafts area there were potters, woodturners and modelmakers.  Stalls were selling soaps, plants, breads, cheeses, duck products, olive oil products and cakes, confitures, chocolates and vinegars flavoured with saffron.  Too tempting!  Having met a few people we knew and heard some new French phrases to herald Springtime -  'faire revivre' et 'nouveau debut' - we continued for a circulatory walk around part of the town and home. The afternoon sunshine was giving way to the evening chill.

Go to for more information about the exotic powerful essence of this beauty.">

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