Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Today is Tuesday. A snowy blanket greeted us when we opened the shutters. On Sunday evening we had returned home after a 10km walk in chilly winds to discover that someone had very kindly left a gift hanging on our front door. There was no message but how very kind.


In order to appreciate the hoar frost we walked down the lane to the crossroads, by which there is now a very nice wooden table and bench, ideally situated for us for when we pack a food basket, wander down "La Balade de Plaisir" and enjoy a different eating place.

On our return, we gathered winter fuel and hauled a small dead oak tree, shouldering the weight between us. Captain S set to cutting it into logs and Sweetpea loaded a week's worth of 50cm long oak logs onto the porch. We were as warm as toast!

Then our first unexpected guest arrived. It was Martine, she who had left the surprise New Year gifts. One was a most exquisite piece of embroidery, a small white banner which says "Bienvenue" in Hardanger embroidery. The other was a "heart" in blue and white checked cotton with Swiss embroidery. So delicate and pretty. She is very fervent (keen and eager - in Fr and Eng it is the same spelling, just a different pronunciation) to learn English so she can speak with her German friends. She collected English homework!
In the afternoon Huguette arrived to help us with French translation, Monique came to wish us Bonne Santé and Violette passed by with her border collie Gin. So there we were, in the "Caf'é de Village de Vaux" speaking mostly in French, enjoying amitié, laughter and pleasure in an afternoon goût, drinking Wilkinson's Earl Grey tea and eating Sweetpea's Apple Fritters. We discussed how to make Steamed Golden Syrup puddings, Toad in the Hole and Yorkshire puddings. We also discussed that the French eat similar foods and how the latter was once eaten as a first course to fill the stomach before the meat course. Monique discovered a penchant for Tate and Lyle's Golden Syrup and told us some very funny stories about Italian pasta.
Then back to work with our French translation!
Now that we have two computers we can blog, design, develop, improve, learn, watch a DVD (we have two!) read, email or problem solve the technical mysteries of new and old computers! Not to mention the extra work that seems to develop, like the digital storage and editing of photographs. All of this consumes time so we will have to get fit by exercising and walking! The Live Box purchase has been a good thing as we can now telephone landlines as part of our abonnement. Mobile calls will of course be charged for!
I need to get back to playing the piano and the other idling instruments, as well as get to grips with the other creative projects I'd like to achieve.
Thank Goodness that I don't have to go to school again! What a blessing that was 5 years ago! Lucky me! Will 2009 bring me answers to other conundrums?
Epiphany starts today.

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