Thursday, 1 January 2009

Bonne Annee 2009

I cannot find the french accents on the qwerty keyboard but we had plenty of those last night.

What started as a quiet and sedate evening when we arrived to choral singing, soon livened up after Rum and Orange Punch with foody aperitifs. We sat down to a shared dinner. We took Pissaladiere and Ginger and Apple Roulade anda Sauvignon Blanc. Entertainment started before midnight. We listened to a young boy play classical music on the keyboard, then a french duo with voice and guitar, then a Mediaeval Sketch in costume where Captain Sensible had been lured into saying Oui when he meant Non and found himself riding on a hobby horse around the stage! After that 4 talented unaccompanied singers wearing bowler hats, moustaches, coloured tee shorts and white gloves performed several numbers ending in a jolly santa number with everyone dancing on the floor. Dessert followed with an unimaginable choice of gateaux and desserts and Champagne. Then coffee at about 2am after everyone had helped to clear the tables, chairs and complete kitchen duties. Once all was tickety boo the traditional French dances started but soon we were flagging on a sugar high and so we headed home completely sober.

Today was a leisurely day dealing with domestic and technical tasks! We donned lots of weatherproof gear and did a stomp around Angles on the logis trail. Captain S looked like the King of the Castle as he marvelled at the lichen clad tree trunks, standing atop of the vast and ancient stone mound discovered on a clearing where the oak trees had been recently felled.

We have managed to get the Sony Vaio sufficiently clear to accept the Livebox and Internet is quicker but at a loss and cost to other functions.

On a good note we managed to get the DVD The Piano to play on the Apple Mac so that is a step forwards!

OK there's the rest of the year to go... but as a friend once used to say.... hey ho!

Bon Courage to everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Pics to be published another day! PS> October 19th ... I see I never did!

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