Friday, 16 January 2009

Happy Birthday

January 15th - On this date Captain Sensible was born some years ago and he still looks a fine boy!
Influenced by Maureville, I decided to make him a Bumper Breakfast. I normally never cook such a plate but I knew he would appreciate it just once in the year. So two eggs on two slices of fried bread, two duck sausages, a piece of marinated pork shoulder quick fried so it replaced the bacon, (Sweetpea can never eat pork), one tomato in two halves, and sliced mushrooms served with Sweetpea's Chilli Jam and Coffee.
His face was a picture - better than the cat having been presented with a bowl of cream.
Sanxay Gallo-Romain Site was the focus for this year's Magical Mystery Tour and he guessed the destination just as we were South of Poitiers! We were the only visitors and so we had the site to ourselves. Captain Sensible had robed himself in a toga and was cheering on the Gladiators, then cheering on the lions, then retching in the vomitarium. Crossing the River Vonne to the spa waters he derobed to enjoy the thermal baths, moving from the tepidaurium to the natation pool. He rerobed and in need of further reflection of the lives of the inhabitants that once were real people here, proceeded to the Temple to pray to the Gods. By Jupiter and By Jove, it was a splendid afternoon as the sun shone through the fog, beckoning to the catkins to spring into flower and come out to play.

In the evening Sweetpea cooked the following menu:
Hake Steak in a Parsley Sauce with Julienne Carrots.
Filet Tournedos with Creamy, Buttery, Mashed Potato and Floret of Broccoli.

Fromage - Capres d'Aurillac, Salade Verte et Pain Complét
Clementines, Chocolates, Coffee and Port

Wines, Music, Warmth, Romance,

Good Food and Good Company in the lovely Verandah

A Masterpiece!

What a perfect day to be remembered when days in life go awry!
By the way, he enjoyed a Chocolate Cherry Party Cake the evening before, when the Dancing Group sang to him in French and in English and Stefan making a 'surprise mock announcement' offered him greetings from "the Maire" and from "the organisers" of this special celebratory event. Would he now blow out the candle - only one? - ah but you must re-light it and blow again and again and again for the number of years you have! The cake was cut, the gateau disappeared, French compliments to the maker and fun with French friends!
François "would like to know how to make this kind of cake".

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