Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Wizardry in the garden

After reading various conflicting opinions on pruning we realise we should prune the cherry and plum trees in Spring. I thought that lilac should be pruned in May after flowering. The internet says we can hard prune it now! We have substantially thinned the large lilac plantation which after perhaps 20 years of growth was more like trees than shrubs and far too tall, so maybe there will be fewer flowers next year! We've saved the thick trunks as thin logs and these have been stacked for use in three years time. We've added the branches to the growing bonfire. We rearranged the pots of plants and these will be surrounded with fleece to protect them against the winter frosts. We've already had a few frosty mornings at the end of October. We've gathered the dead leaves and dug them and the last of the compost into the veggie plot. Then we planted our "Wizard" winter field beans, Vicia faba, as green manure to fix nitrogen in the soil. It's better than leaving the ground fallow. The new potager area took 23 rows of 20 beans making 460 beans. We bought just over 2 1/2 kg so it looks like we'll have too many beans but it was the cheapest way to purchase them.
The moles have been extremely active in our absence and Captian Sensible has instructed Sweetpea to collect more combat material! Meanwhile he flattened their metre distanced hills with a spade!
Lunch was enjoyed in the sunshine on the porch but by early evening with muscles groaning it was time for a welcome aperitif of Guiness and Cheddar Cheese in front of the newly lit woodburner. Captain Sensible had swept the chimney yesterday. Now its time for supper! That was our day! Just pottering about!

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