Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Verandah The 100th Posting

This post is the 100th posting since this site was started!

We (that is the royal we!!!) really need to write detailed and informative text about how we have renovated this cottage, which is at least 150 years old, and which we(he) purchased from une dame Hollandaise, five years ago. We should write a separate website about it! When we bought it, none of the grenier had been converted into bedrooms. Now we have two upstairs bedrooms and an upstairs wet-room as well as a down stairs bathroom. We also have the building potential for renovating a third bedroom. We ought to put our photographs in chronological order but somehow other life developments just take over!!! We are currently awaiting replacement windows on the newly finished(?) verandah because something has gone wrong with the sealants! So.....pause encore! The construction of the verandah has however achieved the aim of Captain Sensible which was to create winter warmth for our stone house and to create a room with daylight where we can eat and watch nature! The porch part has also not been finished on account of health problems but perhaps next year we can be optimistic that after initial teething problems it will be finished. Which is worse?.... Having a new baby or having a building project? As Huguette says "Captain Sensible has been very courageous". C'est vrai! But it has transformed winter living in our house and I am very, very grateful!!!!!

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